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What happens at a women's health appointment?

So perhaps you're considering contacting a women's health (also known as pelvic health) physio, because you have some concerns, or maybe you want a post natal assessment (often called a mummy mot).

📝At the appointment I'll take a full medical history first, including pregnancies & deliveries, what concerns you have & what goals you want to achieve.

❤️Following that I'll examine you.

➡️Depending on the concern, I might suggest an internal vaginal examination, which I would explain to you in detail about the benefits, so you can make an informed decision.

➡️I may have a feel of your tummy muscles, to assess how they're functioning.

➡️I can check any scars such as c section or episeotomy to see how they're healing & tips to help.

➡️I may have a look at your posture & get you to show me some functional movements like a squat or check your balance.

❤️After the assessment, I'll then be able to give you some exercises, strategies to do, or suggest potential treatment, to get back to where you want to be, or resolve any symptoms.

❤️Sometimes just one appointment is needed, sometimes I'll suggest a follow up session to progress you on or continue treatment.

🥰Here are the things I cover:

Bladder symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence, urgency

Bowel symptoms


Painful intercourse

Rectus diastasis

Low back pain, pelvic girdle pain

❤️This is not an exhaustive list & it's always best to send an email or give me a call to chat, if it's something I can't help you with I can usually suggest who can.

❤️Remember the appointment is yours & done at your own pace.


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