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Online Pilates Membership 

  • Practice Pilates from the comfort of your own home 

  • All Levels Welcome: Whether you're a Pilates pro or just starting, my membership is suitable for all levels, including postnatal

  • Live weekly class via zoom - Wednesdays 7pm 

  • Fit Pilates into your busy life – live class times not ideal? No problem, access recordings at your convenience.

  • £20 per month

If you fancy meeting a lovely group of people whilst also doing something positive for your body and mind, then join us!

Join here!


"I have learned various exercises that have helped me - in particular my back, which has greatly improved, and I am now able to use those exercises whenever I need them. I have also learned many exercises that help with my running, and recovery. I also enjoy the banter and gossip during the classes and enjoy being part of a group, albeit online!"

"Gemma is always so positive, encouraging and understanding and makes you feel confident that you can maintain or gain strength and flexibility despite getting older."

"I joined the online classes after my third child. As a busy mum they allow me to have some me time, but without the faff of having to leave the house. The classes have really helped support my post-partum journey."

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