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Ready to stop leaking urine when exercising ?

Learn how to be active without incontinence

Inside my new one to one programme, HER STRONG, you'll learn how to strengthen your whole body, become empowered and radiate confidence. It's designed to stop incontinence whilst exercising, in 12 weeks or less, even if you've tried everything. 

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You want to be active, but stress incontinence is getting in your way 

You want to be able to exercise without leaking, 
but you don't know where to start.

Maybe you've been doing endless pelvic floor exercises, but getting nowhere

Maybe you're tried pelvic floor trainers that have promised results, but have failed 

Maybe you are avoiding social situations and feel isolated from friends and family 

Maybe you and are avoiding intimacy due to fear of leaking, which is creating a strain on your relationship 

Maybe you've been told leaking is just part of having a baby or going through menopause

Maybe you want to jump on trampoline with your kids but can't due to leaking

Maybe you feel too embarrassed to do something but your also worried about it worsening 

Maybe you want to train for a specific event, but terrified you'll do damage 

Maybe you're overwhelmed with the number of "experts" on the internet & don't know who to trust

Maybe you're fed up of wearing pads and feel like your body's failed you

Maybe you're wondering if this is how it will always be?  

This reactive approach leads to...

Frustration & Fear

1. Wanting to do the best for your pregnancy & optimise delivery but no idea where to start

2. Overwhelmed with the scare mongering around symptoms 

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You're in the right place

I've worked with hundreds of women who felt completely lost trying to manage stress incontinence

Despite stress incontinence affecting 1 in 3 people there's still such a stigma around the condition. Many women I've worked with had been left feeling frustrated and hopeless, when told that postpartum leakage or menopausal incontinence is considered normal or inevitable

My mission is clear: to debunk these myths and provide support and guidance through my 1:1 programme, HER STRONG. Here, I'll guide you step by step on how to resolve stress urinary incontinence, empowering you with the confidence to be active without the fear of leaking. 


How would it feel to...

Be active without leaking 

Not rely on pads for exercise

Be confident in your body when exercising 

Not have to limit your fluids or empty your bladder several times before an activity 

Have the freedom to jump on a trampoline, or chase your kids round the garden

Trust your body 

All of this is 100% possible for you!

The ladies I've worked with are proof that you can exercise, without leaking


"Gemma has helped  rebuild my strength & confidence"


"my quality of life has improved massively!"


"huge support getting me back to running without leaking"

How? The answer is easy:

It's time to take back control of your body

My 1:1 programme HER STRONG, will teach you exactly how to resolve stress incontinence, using my unique expert blueprint. This tried and tested method will guide you in strengthening your body, way beyond pelvic floor exercises; give you the knowledge needed to build consistency; and the accountability to support you in your journey. 

HER STRONG will empower you; in giving you the ability to say "yes", whether that's to jumping on a trampoline with your kids, or entering that marathon you always dreamed of. 


You're not on your own

urinary incontinence is a problem

Stress incontinence affects an alarming 1 in 3 individuals, hammering home the how common it actually is. Yet it's a challenge countless people silently grapple with, often feeling isolated in their struggle. The weight of social stigma surrounding incontinence only amplifies this burden. 

Despite being common, living with stress incontinence is not something you have to accept. You deserve a life where incontinence does not dictate your choices, whether it's taking part in a sporting event or simply being able to run around with your kids. 

Here's where my programme HER STRONG comes into play. Here we focus on 3 key steps: (1) strengthening your whole body, (2) knowledge and testing to support you, and (3) building this on the foundation of consistency. 

you don't need to be a statistic 


The traditional way to manage urinary incontinence

"Just do pelvic floor exercises" 


Now pelvic exercises absolutely have their place, but they're not the only thing to do, when trying to resolve leaking. What I see time and time again is women being told to just carry on with these exercises, or just buy a pelvic floor trainer; without clear advice on how long to persist for if it's nothing is changing. 

I want more for women

I don't want women being dismissed by healthcare providers, or feeling like leaking is their own fault, because they didn't work hard enough with their pelvic floor. There's so much more to it than that. 

It's time to reconnect with your body 

Traditional methods leads to...

Frustration & Isolation

1. Wanting to help yourself but exasperated 

I know what it's like looking to the internet for an effective solution. So many opinions and suggestions. It can feel so overwhelming, not knowing where to go next and who to trust. 

2. Symptoms leading to social withdrawal 

Navigating a relentless cycle of looking for help without progress becomes so discouraging. This not only results in abandoning the activity but, more significantly losing part of yourself. 

There is a better way; a Strong way 

In just 12 weeks you can:


Your whole body - beyond the pelvic floor

Be Empowered

Embracing your body and unlocking your full potential

Have Confidence

Being able to trust your body again 

Strengthening the whole body, is so much more than just physical strength; it's a transformation that extends to your mindset and whole wellbeing. Strengthening give your body an ability to perform activities not only without leaking, but with improved endurance, power, and agility. Putting you in a much better position to do what you want to do, with ease.  

HER STRONG  gives you a renewed sense of self belief and trust  in your own body. Creating a the opportunity to unlock your potential in all aspects of your life and pursue your passions and dreams with greater enthusiasm. This empowerment means living life on your terms, unburdened by the constraints of leaking that once held you back.  

Having the confidence to jump on the trampoline or wear those light coloured leggings. Not having to worry about emptying your bladder before exercise or wear a pad. This confidence enables you to engage in activities with a sense of ease and without self-doubt or worry about leaking hindering you. This confidence gets you back to you. 

When these 3 parts come together you can exercise without leaking 

And, I'm going to show you how!


Hi, I'm Gemma Richardson 

A qualified Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor with a specialism in Women's Health; and a mum of 2. 

Whilst working in both the NHS & privately for almost 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of women to improve their pelvic health, resolve leaking and get back to doing the things they love.

I've been there myself

Personally I gave birth to two gorgeous boys of my own (and had a few pelvic health issues to contend with), so I really do get how distressing it can be, as well as how important it is to get back to doing the things that are important to you.  

This is why I created HER STRONG

Having supported women for so long, I truly understand the overwhelm, anxieties & frustrations you can experience. The embarrassment and stigma associated with bladder issues is sadly still rife. We know the importance of exercise from a health and  wellbeing perspective, but I knew there had to be a better way than simply relying on pads for exercise.

I want to empower women with their own bodies, allowing them to have the freedom to jump without fear; choose those light coloured leggings or enter that event they'd always dreamed of. 

...And now it's your turn!


"I can't believe the improvement!"


"I couldn’t have asked for better support."


"She explained everything so well"

You shouldn't have to rely on generic pelvic floor exercises to stop leaking 

Pelvic floor exercises absolutely have their place and they do form a part of HER STRONG, however they have to be done correctly and at the right level for you. This can be a huge downfall to women being "prescribed" generic pelvic floor exercises. Often when we meet they have no idea if they're doing them correctly. But, there is SO much more to resolving leaking than simple squeezes. 

Her Strong provides a clear, step-by-step framework that tailors specific movements and strategies to support you individually

This means NO more...

X Relying on pads for exercise 

X Embarrassment and shame with symptoms 

X Missing out on social events or activities and feeling isolated 

X Feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting "expert" information out there 

X Putting up with leaking!

It's time to say goodbye to the pads, for good!

So what is HER STRONG?

exercise without leaking-2.png

Her Strong is a 3 month 1:1 programme designed specifically to resolve leaking urine with exercise 

After working with countless ladies over the last few years, so many thought leaking was something they needed to put up with; that it was just part of having a baby or inevitable with menopause. 

Over time I started to notice patterns - what worked, what didn't. I noted the distinctions  between the women who were making progress and those who weren't, extending far beyond just the exercises. It was through these insights that I developed my expert blueprint, the foundation of HER STRONG.

Her Strong gives you everything you need to resolve stress urinary incontinence

...Even if nothing has worked so far 

Perhaps you've been diligently working on pelvic floor exercises without seeing results. HER STRONG provides an individual, holistic approach that goes way beyond Kegel squeezes. It focuses on individual factors and 1:1 support, ensuring that you achieve your goals, no matter what your past experience. 

...Even if you've been putting up with symptoms for ages 

Rest assured, there's no deadline for seeking help; it's never too late to regain control. I've had the privilege of working with women years after childbirth or long after symptoms began, and I've successfully guided them back to exercise without symptoms. Your journey to a confident and leak-free life can start at any time

...Even if you've already tried physiotherapy (and it didn't work)

Similar to seeking multiple medical opinions for a complex condition, the field of physiotherapy is diverse and not all physiotherapists offer identical solutions. HER STRONG has been created to bring together my own expert skills, extensive experience, and evidence-based practices.

no matter how long you've been dealing with symptoms, Her Strong's unique signature methodology will help you say goodbye to leaking for good."

The ladies I've worked with have transformed their lives. Getting back to things they could have never imagined 


"it's no exaggeration to say You've changed my life!"


"first time I've run that long since giving birth!"


Now it's your turn!


Below you'll find the 3 steps that underpin Her Strong


This core element incorporates Pilates principles, pelvic health and power.


Specific pilates movements to promote strength, flexibility, and body awareness. We integrate a pelvic health focus , and use power moves to aid in functional recovery, strengthening your body from the inside out.



Following a thorough assessment, this focuses on empowering you with a deeper understanding of your own body. 

This step has 3 keys: training, technique and testing. This is all about training your whole body, working on the technique and specifics and testing it. 


This ensures that you stay on track throughout your journey.

This is achieved with accountable, commitment and habit building. Giving you a structured framework and guiding you 

you in forming healthy, lifelong habits, that work with your lifestyle. 


What makes HER  STRONG different to any other programme?

My qualifications & training

Beyond my Physiotherapy degree, I've undergone extensive pelvic health training only available to qualified physiotherapists. Additionally, I have 17 years of experience teaching Physio-led Pilates

Evidence based practice 

 HER STRONG is built upon evidence-based practice and is aligned with established research. The programme has a proven track record in successfully resolving stress urinary incontinence.

My experience 

I've worked within the NHS & privately for 20 years treating thousands of patients, not only in Women's Health but a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, across the entire body, meaning I'm treating the whole of you, not just the pelvic floor!

Individual plan designed specifically for you

HER STRONG is there to support you, on your unique journey. Whilst there are many generic online plan available,  HER STRONG offers the personalised, one-on-one support that's essential for your success.

I've been there myself 

As a mum of 2 I know first hand what it's like to go through pregnancy, delivery and recover from this to get back to you. I understand completely how distressing stress incontinence can be and I'm here to support you 100%.

A Personal Note From Me

I've been there, I get it

Understanding the frustrations and limitations that come with not being able to do what you want is at the heart of HER STRONG. I've witnessed the challenges faced by many individuals, feeling embarrassed and isolated in their struggle. It's a journey that often feels like an uphill battle, and I'm here to help you find the way forward

My Commitment to Your Journey

HER STRONG isn't just a programme; it's my commitment to providing the guidance and support that's been missing. I've seen the impact that incontinence can have on lives, and I'm dedicated to being your ally on the path to recovery. Together, we'll work towards a future free from leaking, so you can regain your confidence and reclaim the life you want. 


Your Future Self Is Thriving!

Let me paint a picture for you

It's six months from now, picture yourself confidently signing up for a local race, knowing that every stride is a testament to you overcoming stress incontinence. Light-coloured leggings have become your go-to choice for workouts, a symbol of your confidence and trust in your body. You eagerly embrace physical challenges, from trampolining with your kids, to chasing them through the park; all free from leaking.


Social events, family outings, and fitness classes are no longer missed opportunities; they're moments seized with enthusiasm. This is the empowered life you're living, where strength and confidence have replaced frustration and worry. 

You are confident, empowered and strong

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will do I need to commit? 

 Your 12 week learning journey is broken down into manageable, bite-sized chunks, making it easy to fit into your routine. There is a weekly hour long Pilates class and you will have some specific exercises to be practicing most days. After the initial assessment we will catch up every 2 weeks online. 

How is HER STRONG delivered?

At the beginning you'll have an initial 1:1 face to face with me & then bi-weekly 45 min zoom checks-ins until the end of the programme. During this time you'll have access to a live online Pilates class (you can also watch the recording if you can't make the live) and you'll get regular videos delivering educational content, specific exercise progressions, habit building & so much more.

I've had my symptoms for so long, when is it too late?

In a nutshell it's never too late to take control of your pelvic health, even if you've already explored physiotherapy. Regardless of the duration of your symptoms, HER STRONG is designed to provide support and solutions to resolve leaking. Perhaps now is the time to enhance your quality of life!

How much does HER STRONG cost & do I have to pay all at once?

HER STRONG is a 1:1 programme, where we will be working together for a 3 month period. To allow me to do this, it will require an investment. You're welcome to also pay in instalments at no extra cost, if that makes it easier for you. 

What if this programme isn't the right fit for me?

Before committing, I also want to ensure that HER STRONG is the best fit for you. You'll have a free consultation before signing up to to check if this is the right match for your needs. And once you start the programme, if we find it isn't working, you're eligible for a refund up to your current progress point. 

It's time to say goodbye to pads and embrace a life free from leaks

Let's do this, together.

Have a question? Ask me here

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